I started tpldesign.com in the late 1990s to act as a sort of resume site. Over time it became a place to display my photography, which has been a hobby of mine since 1996, as well as websites I designed on the side. I no longer design websites, but I do have a few minisites below featuring topics of interest to me.

The Grotto
This minisite details my multiple visits to 'The Grotto,' which is a stone structure located out in the woods behind an apartment complex in Macon, GA.

Lake Wildwood Drained
This page details, through photos and video, the draining of LWW in the mid 1990s.

Riverside Cinemas 4
This is a tribute to RC4, which was the location of my first job. It was a great place to work, and I am glad I decided to document the building via photos and video. It's hard to believe it has been closed now for over 20 years.